Wild Chopper was founded in 2014 by the passion of the owners Flavio and Barbara with the sale of clothing and accessories since then has always seen a constant evolution to always guarantee quality and competence to our customers. In 2017, following a restructuring, Wild Chopper Garage was born where, given the ever-increasing amount of work, in 2018 we moved to the current headquarters with more than 400 square meters dedicated to the Custom world.

Our services:

  • Services / Coupons

  • Repairs

  • Custom jobs

  • Painting

  • Brake maintenance

  • ECU mappings

  • Big Bore engine kit (from 883ccm to 1200ccm, etc.)

  • Depanage Service

  • Testing

  • Body work

  • Tire service

  • balancing

  • Fork review

  • Carburetors review

  • Accessories sale

  • Sale of H-D and Aftermarkt parts

  • Old Timer and New

  • Multibrand USA Garage

Contact & Services
+41 (0) 91 223 03 72

Via Maito 17
6804 Bironico

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